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Mathias Heun

In My Job As Global Key Account Manager I Am Very Busy And I Don't Have Much Time To Cook Fancy Dishes Or Spent Hours Over Hours In The Gym. Nevertheless I Couldn't Accept This For Myself As Justification To Grow A Wealthy Belly. For Me There Is No Reason Why My Body And Health Shouldn't Reflect The Power I Bring In My Job.

I Decided For Myself That I Want To Be In A Good Shape And Even More Important In Good Health. So I Started Selfstudies To Learn More About Nutrition And Fitness. How It Works And What Needs To Be Done To Achieve Targets.

Step By Step I Have Implemented Or Changed Behaviors In My Daily Routine. Due To This Regularity I finally Got Into The Shape, Which Allows Me To Take Off My Shirt Without Any Reason To Be Embarrassed.

I Started This Website To Help Others Making The First Steps Into A Healthier Life And Getting Into That Shape They Always Wanted.

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10 Rules for
Healthy Nutrition

Follow These Simple Rules And You Will Have Success.


Change Of Your Regular Diet To Loose Weight

Change Your Mindset In Daily Nutrition Instead Of Taking A Special Diet.


Calculate Your Calories Intake

Knowing How Many Calories You Eat Is The Basic Of Getting The Body You Want.


Calculate Your Calories Demand

With Knowledge About Your Calorie Demand, You Can Choose Your Nutrition More Detailed.


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