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Mathias Heun

In my job, I'm very busy. It is not my priority to cook complicated recipes or work out for hours in the gym. Nevertheless, I want my body to be healthy and to show the power that I bring to my job every day.

For a long time, unfortunately, I didn't know how to achieve that. As typically these days, I looked at what clever tips could be found on the Internet. I was overwhelmed by the mass of diets, supplements and workouts that were advertised. I did not know what really works, what is healthy and what can be integrated into my everyday life.

I simply declined to do something without understanding the processes behind it. Therefore I decided to learn about the topic of nutrition first. I wanted to understand how the human metabolism works in order to establish the right diet for me. So in 2017 I trained as a nutritionist.

From this arose the requirement for my diet that it must be healthy, simple, fast and delicious. Step by step, I have adapted my eating habits and integrated them into my daily routine. Through this continuity, in combination with a simple sports program at home, I have improved my health and become more powerfull.

Enthused by the successes, I started this website with the goal to help other people take the first steps on the path to a healthier life.

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Package: "Info"

All Information You Need To Start Into A Healthy Life. Summarized And Focused On The Most Important Topics Of Healthy Nutrition.


Voices Of My Clients

  • Sebastian Becker, 24 years
    I was used to eat convenience food for many years. It tasted good to me and I thought it is the quickest way get meals. After a bloodtest I got information that my values for cholesterol had been to high and vitamines to low. So I needed to change my nutrition and searched for Information how to do this. With the HealthyFood4You "Info" Package I understood the basics of healthy nutrition and implemented them into my daily life. After 3 months my bloodvalues are back to normal and I feel much fitter.
    Sebastian Becker, 24 years
  • Andreas Fischer, 47 years
    I am familiar with healthy nutrition and I like to cook for my family and friends. Very often they ask me to preapre some recipes and nutrition plans for them. Everybody who did this once knows how much work it is to get the information out of a nutrition table and calculate theingredients based on the individual calorie & nutrient demand. The professional Nutriton Table from HealthyFood4You make this so much easier. The table includes nutrient information for more than 14.500 foods and dishes. These information can be easily calculated based on an individua calorie & nutrient demand to create and personal recipes.
    Andreas Fischer, 47 years
  • Melanie Rödig, 32 years
    I tried to live vegetarian a few times but I didn't managed it longer than 2 months in a row. Everytime I felt tired, unpowered and I wasn't able to bring the performance in my sport activities. My friends told me - eat a steak, than it will get better - but this was not my target. I wan't to live vegetarian because of the environment and because I don't like the feeling when I know an animal needs to die because of me. Mathias from HealthyFood4You helped me to analyze my vegetarian diet and we found out that the share of macro nutritents was not good and that I had a lack of micro nutrients. Together we created a vegetrarian nutrition plan which fits to my needs. Now I am vegetarian for more than 2 years . I am full of power and feel good.
    Melanie Rödig, 32 years

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